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  • "Oz Cycle Salvage is a very important asset in the motorcycle world. It's a perfect spot to shop for items from hard to find parts that may be obsolete now, all the way up to parts off of your most modern sport bikes! If it's new parts your'e after, then you can shop from the multitude of other powersports products you can find gracing the shelves! Personally for me it's about the friends I've made over the years of coming in! Brad and the guys down there, are a great! And they offer a service that is pricelesss for stuntriders because without them, life would be alot harder for guys like me! Jason Locke"

    Overall Rating:
    Jason Locke - Wellsville, KS
  • "Had the right parts first time!! Place looked like heven to me, all the part bikes around!!!! Only one problem, 200 mile drive each way!!! But worth it!!"

    Overall Rating:
    Timothy Brown - Creston, IA
  • "We have never had the experience we had with Oz Power Sports. They are the most wonderful people to work with and the best we have ever worked with. They are caring and understanding. They are quick with their sales and delivery. My wife and I have dealt with alot of different sales people and dealerships and by far Oz has been the best ever. I would (will) recommend them to my friends and anybody whom ever asks for a dealership to deal with. I just want to say THANK YOU again. Dave and Wendy Hansen (hotrod-mechanicman)"

    Overall Rating:
    Dave Hansen - Painesdale, MI
  • "I can not say enough good about the people at Oz Powersports!I placed a Christmas order for our first grandchild who is one month old. This would be his first Christmas and to say the least it is a special time for the whole family right now.To make a long story short the order got overlooked by the main warehouse, NOT Oz Powersports but their supplier, I was not going to get my order untill after Christmas.A very nice gal incharge of the e-bay retail clicked her heals twice and overnighted me the same but only better product out of her personal collection.It happened to be autographed by the man himself, Travis Pastrana!In my book this was way above and beond her responsability. Take it from experience you don't find people these days that are willing to go that extra mile to make a customer happy or just to plain do something nice for somebody you don't know! With an attitude like this toward their customers you can't go wrong doing business with them! Follow the yellow line down I-35 to Oz Powersports, you will be glad you did!"

    Overall Rating:
    Cliff Berry - Shawnee, KS
  • "Great service and prices. Rushed parts for me overnight. Found parts that I needed that nobody else had."

    Overall Rating:
    Anonymous - XX
  • "I had trouble finding an old part. Not only did Oz have it, but shipped it quickly. Their phone customer service was terrific."

    Overall Rating:
    Anonymous - St Petersberg, FL
  • "Got some very nice custom grips and chrome neck cover. Also check out the china bikes, nice new selections. Take care! - Diego"

    Overall Rating:
    Anonymous - Detroit, MI
  • Overall Rating:
    Roy Stone - memphis, TX
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Oz Powersports' service department services all makes and models, everything from bolt-on accessories to high-performance engine rebuilds. We offer a huge selection of in stock tires with "no wait" tire service, along with many services including:
  • frame and wheel straightening
  • wheel lacing
  • rebuilt starters/stators
  • gas tank boiling/relining
  • radiator repair
  • powder coating
  • custom cycle/ATV painting
  • frame and wheel chroming
  • engine case welding
  • and much more!